• What is the best time to visit the Salar de Uyuni?

The Salar de Uyuni can be visited all year round, however, the landscape is divided into 2 periods: the rainy season (December-April) and the dry season (May-December). The best time to visit depends on what the traveler's goals are.

During the rainy season the Salar fills with water and it is possible to see the reflections. But depending on the water level, the authorities restrict access to some places within the Salar, such as Isla Incahuasi or the north coast. During this time you can only visit the shore.

During the dry season, salt polygons are visible throughout the Salar and all areas are accessible. In this time you can spend much more time in the salt desert, but you will not see the "mirror effect".

  • When can I see the "Mirror Effect"?

During the rainy season, between mid-December and mid-April. But you must bear in mind that the weather in Uyuni is very unpredictable and we have no certainty when the rainy season starts and ends.

  • How much time do I need to make the tour of the Salar de Uyuni?

If you only want to know the Salar de Uyuni, 1 day is enough. But if you would like to make the complete expedition through the lagoons and deserts, you need at least 3 days.

  • How do I get to Uyuni?

From Bolivia, you have 3 options: bus, train or plane. The most accessible city is La Paz.

From Chile, you have 2 options: bus or private transfer. The closest cities are San Pedro de Atacama and Calama.

From Argentina, you have 2 options: bus or train. The most accessible city is Salta, Villazón.

  • How is the weather?

The climate is cold and dry for most of the year, although the sun is very intense. You must always wear warm clothing and sunscreen.

  • Where do the tours start from?

Most tours depart from Uyuni, but it is also possible to start in San Pedro de Atacama and Tupiza.



  • Uyuni Expeditions and Creative Tours are the same company?

Yes, Creative Tours is the company that is responsible for organizing tours throughout Bolivia. Uyuni Expeditions is the operator specialized in the Salar de Uyuni and its surroundings.

  • What is the difference between a Private tour and a Semi Private tour?

In a Private tour you do not share the car with other people and have exits available to the client. In a Semi Private tour you have the option to share the car with other travelers to make the trip a little more economical; the departures are only some days a week.

  • And the difference between a Tayka Route tour and Unique Hotels?

The main difference is the hotel on the first night, Ruta Tayka (departures: Thursdays and Saturdays) has the Hotel Tayka de Sal in Tahua, while Unique Hotels (departures: Wednesdays) has the Hotel Luna Salada in Colchani. This is because the hotels give us promotional prices these days so that we can form small groups.

  • What is an Auka Runas tour?

It is a tour with basic lodging in the communities. The superior hotels have very high prices, so this is our economic option. It has daily departures.

  • Is there a better tour than another?

All our tours visit the same destinations, the main difference between one and the other are the accommodations. Cars, food, number of passengers, etc. It is the same for all our tours.

  • Do you have star and sunrise tours?

Yes, we offer star and sunrise tours at an additional price. We also have additional activities such as Flame Grazing, Bicycles, and Volcano Ascents! You can see more details in the ADD-ONS tab.

  • Do you have tours in other places in Bolivia?

Yes, we do tours throughout Bolivia, please ask for options to one of our vendors. Soon we will upload them to our website.

  • Do you also have tours in San Pedro de Atacama?

Yes, from 2019 we will have tours of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 days in San Pedro de Atacama. Please ask for options to one of our vendors. Soon we will upload them to our website.

  • What do the USD 45 tickets include?

Include all the tickets to the places you will visit during our tours: Salt Factory, Tahua Viewpoint, Coquesa Mummies, Chantani Museum, Chiquini Cave, Incahuasi Island, Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna Reserve and polques hot springs.

  • The transfer to San Pedro de Atacama is included?

Yes, you have the transfer included. The schedule depends on the tour you took (Private, Semi Private or Auka Runes). Please check our tours to and from Atacama for more details.



  • How many passengers are in the car?

We leave minimum with 2 passengers and maximum 4 passengers per car + driver = 5. This option may include a guide traveling in the third row.

It is possible to travel with 5 passengers + driver = 6. But it is advisable to change seats during the tour as the third row of the car is narrow. This option does not support a guide.

  • The departures with 2 passengers are guaranteed?

Yes, they are guaranteed.

  • I travel alone, can I join a group?

Yes, it is possible, however you must make the request in advance so we can find a group for you.

If there is not a group for your travel dates, you can travel alone, but paying for 2 passengers.



  • Should I share the room with other travelers?

During our tours, no. We offer private rooms with private bathroom in all our trips.

  • Are they really private rooms with private bathrooms?

Yes, even on the Auka Runes tour. They are double rooms, with private bathroom. If your group requires a simple room you must pay an additional one.

  • Can I choose the superior hotel of my choice?

Yes, but since we do not have agreements with other hotels, an additional price must be paid.

  • Should I pay more for a single room?

If you require a simple room, yes. It's because in the hotels the simple rooms cost the same as a double room.

  • How are the basic hotels?

They are small hotels managed by the families of the communities, we call them basic in comparison to the superior hotels, but they are really very comfortable and clean.

  • Do you have pictures?

Yes, you can see them here.

  • What happens if the hotels do not have availability for my travel dates?

If the hotels are not available, we will look for the nearest alternative (there may be additional payments); if the alternatives were not available we would have to make a change of route, or change of date. That's why we recommend making reservations in advance.

  • Is it necessary to spend an additional night in Uyuni after the tour?

It is not necessary, since buses and flights leave from 20:30 hrs, which gives enough time to get there. However, the expedition is very tiring and it would be good to rest one night in Uyuni to continue the trip the next day.



  • What model and year are the cars?

All our cars are TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 4x4, in excellent condition.

  • The drivers own their own cars?

Yes, we as a company give credit to drivers to buy their vehicles, and they are paying little by little with their services. This gives us the guarantee that the cars are in good condition, and that the drivers only work for our company.

  • Are external drivers hired by the company?

We have a fleet of 12 cars owned by the company, generally we do not need to hire external drivers. However, in high season, we call trusted drivers who meet our safety requirements.

  • How often do they maintain them?

The cars go to maintenance after each tour they do. In the rainy season it is more constant, since salt destroys everything in its path.

  • The driver speaks English?

Our drivers passed English classes, but they lack practice. They can have basic conversations.

In the company we have 3 bilingual drivers, but they are very required, so we must ask for availability before confirming.



  • Is it necessary to hire a guide to do the tour?

It is not necessary, since the most expert guides are the drivers who make these trips almost daily. However, it is useful to hire a guide when the group is large, and especially when they need to communicate in another language.

  • The driver and the guide are the same person?

When a guide is not hired, yes, they are the same person, but they only speak Spanish.

  • Do you have guides in languages other than English?

Yes, we have guides in other languages (French, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese), but they are very few, so you must reserve them in advance.



  • What happens if the weather conditions prevent the normal development of the tour?

The climate in Uyuni is very unpredictable, there may be unexpected snowfalls, sandstorms or giant hail that block some routes. This is not very common, but it happens.

In case it happens during your travel dates, we will do our best to modify the route and can visit all accessible places. If necessary, we will change the border transfer. Some changes may have additional costs.

  • What are the security measures adopted by your company?

All our cars have a first aid kit, oxygen tank and satellite phone for any emergency.

  • Do you offer travel insurance?

No, that is the traveler's responsibility.

  • What are your Terms and Conditions?

You can read them here.



  • How do I book a tour?

You can do it through our website, but the confirmation depends on the availability of hotels. You can also contact our sellers through our CONTACT tab.

Once all the details of your trip are coordinated, we will need your information for the reservations and then the payment.

  • How long in advance should I book my trip?

Ideally, not to have problems with the availability of hotels is to do it at least 2 months before, especially in high season (from January to March and from July to September).

But it is also optimal to book at least 2 weeks in advance.

  • Can I book at the last minute?

You can, but we do not guarantee availability. We consider "last minute" reservations up to 3 days before the travel date.

  • What are your payment methods?

We have the option of bank transfer, Western Union or credit card through our website.

  • Can I pay in cash at the start of the tour?

No. Due to company policies we do not accept cash payments. Reservations must be made in advance.

  • There are discounts?

We do not make discounts, because our prices are fixed.

  • What are your cancellation policies?

You can read them here.




  • What should I bring?

Sunscreen (+50 SPF)

Sunglasses with UV protection


Light clothes in layers for the day

Warm clothes for the night

Breaks winds, protector for the rain

Warm jacket

Gloves, hat, scarf and wool stockings

Comfortable hiking shoes

Towel, sandals and swimsuit

Items for personal use

Sweets and extra water

Cash (Bolivianos)

  • How do I avoid altitude sickness?

You must spend at least 2 days on high ground, stay hydrated, eat lightly, drink coca tea, sweets and lots of rest.

  • Rent sleeping bags?

No, they are not necessary during our tours. But it is advisable to take warm clothes for the nights.

  • They provide water boots?

In the rainy season, yes.

  • Do you have a choice of vegetarian, vegan or gluten free food?

Yes, but they must inform in advance.

  • Is there Wi-Fi on the route?

During the first day, yes. To the south it is very unlikely. Some hotels and restaurants charge for the use of WI-FI. But it would do you good to disconnect from the world for a few days.