Live an intense bicycle ride through the most impresive islands on the Salt Flats !! 

Doña Ety's family will be waiting for you to show you the perfect road through the desert visiting Islas Campanas, Isla Pi Pia and Isla Incahuasi.

Perfect tour for: Travelers who want to have an approach to the local community. And passengers who like to do some exercise at high altitude.

Community tourism activity in the town of Tahua.

NOTE: * THIS IS AN ACTIVITY THAT CAN BE DONE ONLY IN THE DRY TIME (MAY-DECEMBER) WHEN THE SALT IS COMPLETELY DRY AND THE NORTH SHORE IS ACCESSIBLE. If you would like to do this walk during the rainy season (December-April), please see our "ANDEAN REFLECTIONS" route or the ADD-ONS tab.
*Please take into account that the reservation through our website has a 15% fee. If you prefer a cheaper payment method, contact
07:00 Visit to Mrs. Ety's Family
07:30 Start the bicyles tour
09:00 Visit to Campanas Islands
10:00 Visit to Pia Pia Island
11:00 Visit to Incahuasi Island

* The schedules depend on the tour you do, this is only our most common schedule.
  • 4 hours riding bicycles across 3 incredible Islands on the Salt Flats
  • English guide option available USD 60 per group
  • Minimum 2 and maximum 4 passengers per car
  • Additional activity for any Uyuni Expeditions tour
  • Valid only in Dry Season
  • Book in advance.